Proofreading in the modern world

Though the advance of new technologies and modern software force a lot of traditional jobs to disappear, proofreading service is not one of the threatened professions. A book will always have to be checked before it is issued for production. For now there has not been any software made that can fully take over the readers’ job. There are indeed some programs that make the whole process much easier, but they are designed only to help and assist the readers. Programs like Microsoft Word for example can auto correct spelling mistakes and typos, but it cannot detect any spelling or grammar error. That’s why it is much better if professional proofreaders check the text before it is finally issued.

You do not have to have a special education in order to start your own proofreading services. You have to make certain investments before that in special software that will help you do your job. Some people think that it will be better if you understand more about the subject that you are checking, but if you have to work with typical literature works then all you need is to have more experience. The more texts you prove, the quicker and easier your job will become.

Moreover, you may make a price list of the different proofreading services that you offer. For some publishers it is enough only to scan the text; others require more strict proofing before they issue the final copy. That’s why you may offer different services to different copies – thus you can make sure that you have more and diverse clients.

Before you take up this profession for good you have to be aware of all the legal aspects of this job. The reader is liable for the correctness of the text that is given to him and he has to put his signature in the end. That’s why some companies prefer to have several readers in their staff so that they can both check the text at the same time or one after another.

In this way, on one hand, the company that offer proofreading services makes sure that they do their work efficiently, and on the other hand, the liability is shared by both readers.

How to write a successful essay

Many people do not know how to write a successful and impacting essay. Usually these are the people that are better in more objective subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. Essay writing is closer to more subjective areas like history, literature, arts and others. The latter people just feel it naturally to write something that will impress its readers. But the mathematicians and physicians need have to spend more efforts to write something inspiring.

One of the crucial things to keep in mind when writing an essay is to try to put as much feelings as possible. You are not required to simply say some facts, statistics or rough information. You are required to analyze these things and to examine their effects in practice. Try to say not what are the causes, but what are the results of the given events or phenomenon. Give examples. Not too many, but enough to tough the reader and to make him understand more clearly the impact of the situation. Use many adjectives to put some color in your essays. Use popular foreign words where appropriate. Ask rhetorical questions to make the reader sympathetic to the problem.

In the beginning of the essay writing you should start with a more neutral opinion and state the different views at which the problem can be seen. In the next paragraphs you can describe the pros and cons of each different opinion but keep in mind that your writing should not be dry – keep it interesting and emotional all the time. This does not mean that you have to agree with both opinions – you can be sympathetically emotional while saying the advantages and strongly concerned while saying the disadvantages.

The most important thing of the essay writing, however, is the strong ending. Regardless of the fact whether you end with a certain ending or with an open question, you have to make sure that the reader will be touched. You can also choose to end with desperate optimism or with a bitter pessimism. The last paragraph is the place where you can sincerely say your own views on the matter which gives you the freedom to be as emotional as possible. Try not to exaggerate or overstress the situation, but keep it simple and sincere. If you keep in mind these tips when facing yet another essay writing task, you can be sure that your success will be particularly bigger.

Get help for your school essays

Young students nowadays do not pay as much attention to school as needed. They are more concerned about other things from life like boyfriends / girlfriends, parties, movies, video games, discos and other things like that. That’s why more and more of them search for essay help on the Internet whenever they have an assignment at school. Most of them just write the theme of the essay on Google and copy whatever they have found in there. Others are willing to pay to third parties to write their assignments rather than doing them themselves.

That’s why nowadays there are so much companies or individuals that offer essay help. All they need is a theme and a deadline by which they have to be done. You give them all the requirements – formal or informal writing, number or words / characters, required mark, etc. In exchange you have to pay them a certain amount of money. This amount of money is usually covered by the parents of the lazy students, without them knowing that. The children do not say to their parents that they pay for essay help, because no parent would agree of such thing. But still this is the new trend, especially in the US. In Europe these services are still not that popular, but they are gaining speed at this very moment.

Most essay help services give you a guarantee that they will perform the task correctly. In that case you are required to pay only if the essay receives the guaranteed level (usually “A” level). If the work does not get the guaranteed level then you will have to pay either a smaller price, or nothing at all, depending on the agreement between you and the company.

However, you should know that most teachers and professors are not very happy when they find out that their students are using essay help services. In that case they usually write a poor mark to the student and, depending on their character, they may ask the institution to banish the student. That’s why you have to be very careful and to make sure that the essay help company is not copying old essays and is not writing the same essay to any of your classmates or colleagues.